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We love hearing from our clients about their experience with Dr. Elahi and The Toronto Institute of Plastic Surgery. Our goal is to provide each and every patient with the utmost care and expertise. It is truly gratifying to hear such positive feedback.

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Dr. Elahi, alongside Samantha and nurse Janella delivered an absolutely exceptional experience. From my initial consultation, to my one-month post-op, every interaction has been nothing short of delightful. I had heard of Dr. Elahi’s clinic through some friends that had undergone Rhinoplasty. I myself was intrigued by the prospect of a Septorhinoplasty, to address both functional and cosmetic concerns. Prior to surgery, I had been very overwhelmed and nervous. However, Dr. Elahi and his team quickly alleviated any anxieties, guiding me through the surgery day logistics, discussing desired outcomes, and outlining the recovery process. I can confidently say that my experience was remarkably smooth and positive, thanks to the amount of information and guidance provided. Post-surgery discomfort was easily managed, with minimal swelling or bruising. I had expressed a preference for a very natural shape, and a slight lift to the tip. Dr. Elahi exceeded my expectations and delivered my ideal results. I am beyond thankful and would wholeheartedly recommend him as a surgeon.


I had an excellent experience with Dr ELAHI. He was Very attentive to my situation and I simply love the care and techniques he used to give me the breasts and tummy that I have always wanted. The first two days were rough but dr ELAHI and his staff were there for me to get me through it. I am now fully healed and love my new body and my new self. Dr ELAHI has given me my confidence back. I highly recommend him for all of your plastic surgery needs especially nose jobs and tummy tuck and breast surgery!!


On January 3, 2024 Dr. Elahi performed surgery on me for the 3rd time in 8 years, and he has never changed. Dr. Elahi was then and he is now, a very kind and caring person and the most compassionate doctor I’ve seen in my lifetime. I am a 68-year-old woman and have seen many doctors so I do believe you can count on the fact that I know exactly what I’m talking about. As a surgeon, Dr. Elahi is exceptional and truly cares for his patients. If I could give more than 5 stars that is exactly what I would do. I know I’m repeating myself here, because I have stated this previously, but I stand by all my previous reviews and I cannot say these things enough times. Although he is extremely busy, he has always made me feel like I was his one and only patient each and every time! Eight years ago in April of 2016, when I first needed a surgeon, I did a great deal of research. My research generated this finding: “Dr. Mohammed Elahi is one of the best trained plastic surgeons in the Greater Toronto area”, and I can verify this to be true from my personal experience. Eight years ago, I placed myself into his hands and had no regrets and even stated in my review at that time “If I ever have a need in the future, I will certainly make sure I go straight back into his capable hands”. That is exactly what I did on April 20, 2023 and again on January 3, 2024 when I once again had need of his expertise. You will not find a more compassionate surgeon with such expert skills. My very strong recommendation to anyone needing his type of services is to not even consider anyone else. I would once again like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Elahi!


All I can really say is WOW WOW WOW! I am so incredibly ecstatic about my new body!

After years of searching for the perfect Dr that had to be absolutely amazing and would also fit with my personality and understanding exactly what I need, I was given Dr Elahi contact information from one of my clients.

From the consultation to the surgery to recovery I was met with every need possible. I have NEVER met a Dr with such amazing bed side manners and made me feel extremely important and cared for. His staff are equally amazing. Every question I had they answered. And concern (which wasn’t much as I knew I was in great hands) was answered.

I can not express the gratitude and love I have for Dr Elahi. You gave me my confidence back.

I would not and will not ever see anyone else for any cosmetic needs I may have, if I have any, in the future.

I highly recommend Dr Elahi
Much Love for him and his clinic.


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