Empowering Women and Girls Around the World

Dr. Elahi recognizes the vital importance of charity, particularly in empowering girls and women. Through his charitable endeavors, he aims to provide access to healthcare, education, and opportunities for women and girls in underserved communities, indigenous communities and women in shelters.

Dr. Elahi understands that investing in their empowerment not only improves individual lives but also uplifts entire communities. By supporting initiatives focused on girls' education, women's health, and economic empowerment, Dr. Elahi contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty and discrimination.

He has performed life altering operations in disaster zones during the earthquakes in Pakistan, been a fundraiser for SOS CANADA, raising over $75,000 for orphaned children and has actively fund raised and supported the Hospital For Sick Children and the Scarborough Hospital Network.

Positive Change

Dr Elahi believes that by empowering girls and women, we create a more equitable and prosperous society for all, fostering positive change that extends far beyond individual beneficiaries. For this reason, Dr Elahi has been appointed to the Board of Right To Play Canada which supports girls and women in their pursuit of education, sports and self-confidence.

Restoring confidence among survivors of domestic abuse

Dr. Elahi was featured in an article in the University of Western Ontario Medical Journal about the importance of his work providing treatment to survivors of domestic abuse and how medical providers can do more to help women recover from the health effects of domestic violence, and thus re-establish their lives with confidence.

UWOMJ 86:1 | Spring 2017

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