Nothing short of delightful!

Dr. Elahi, alongside Samantha and nurse Janella delivered an absolutely exceptional experience. From my initial consultation, to my one-month post-op, every interaction has been nothing short of delightful. I had heard of Dr. Elahi’s clinic through some friends that had undergone Rhinoplasty. I myself was intrigued by the prospect of a Septorhinoplasty, to address both functional and cosmetic concerns. Prior to surgery, I had been very overwhelmed and nervous. However, Dr. Elahi and his team quickly alleviated any anxieties, guiding me through the surgery day logistics, discussing desired outcomes, and outlining the recovery process. I can confidently say that my experience was remarkably smooth and positive, thanks to the amount of information and guidance provided. Post-surgery discomfort was easily managed, with minimal swelling or bruising. I had expressed a preference for a very natural shape, and a slight lift to the tip. Dr. Elahi exceeded my expectations and delivered my ideal results. I am beyond thankful and would wholeheartedly recommend him as a surgeon.

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